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Enslaved through tragedy. Redeemed by love.

Bonded-labor slavery is the world’s most common form of slavery. It generally happens when a medical emergency forces someone to take a loan on the condition that they work for the lender to pay back the loan. They then find that the interest rate ensures that repayment is virtually impossible, and the person and their family becomes trapped and exploited. Global reviews of modern slavery estimate that half of the 25 million bonded-labor slaves are children. Slavery is a complex crisis, which needs responses on many levels. At, we work at the grassroots to pay the debts of bonded-labor slaves and restore them a life of freedom and economic security. Why do we do it? We believe that all people are designed for love, and that in order to truly love, we need to be free. It’s that simple. is a New Zealand-based registered charity (#CC58806) and partner of the Alliance 8.7 global initiative against slavery.
Our five areas of focus are:

Redemption – Empowerment – Education – Community – New Life


When you can't afford to pay the medical costs of a loved one, what do you do?

In Pakistan, the poorest people take a loan from the brick-kiln owners and sign a contract to pay off the loan by working at the kiln. Quickly they find that they are unable to earn enough to cover their expenses and loan-interest. So they remain trapped, working 14 hours a day, seven days a week for the rest of their lives. Find out more about bonded-labor slavery.

people freed in 2023


Children of enslaved families rarely have access to education. The Freeslaves project runs seven schools in four towns and villages, educating enslaved and very poor children. There is no shortage of need, and it is an incredible gift for parents in slavery to see their children educated and given the hope of a future.

Want to help? The children at our schools would love your support! Please consider becoming a monthly donor for our schools.

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Financial security is key to building a future and enabling families to stay out of slavery. Before we redeem a family, the Freeslaves team works with the families to find jobs and often we give them a grant to start their own business.

We have created or placed people in work in many different areas, including sewing and textiles, chicken-farming, vegetable selling, transportation, labouring, factories, industry, and market gardening.

families in work in 2023

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We have an amazing team of presenters that would love to share the story with your group or organization. Our presentations are uplifting, inspiring, and at times challenging. Please contact us to learn more!

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