2019 Annual Report

With special thanks to all our supporters

2019 Annual Report

people freed in 2019

students in education

families supported into work in 2019

//2019 Key Info


People set free: 561 people /127 families (increase of 103% on 2018)

Average cost per person: $157 USD

Average time enslaved: 11 years, 0 months

Total spent:  $88,077 USD



New schools started: 2

Total schools operating: 7

Total students: 245

Total teachers: 15

Total Education spending: 669,000 PKR / $3980 USD


Aid, Community Development, Refugee Work

Total Aid spending: 345,00 PKR / $2045 USD

Total Community Development: 122,000 PKR / $723 USD

Total Refugee Support: $2431USD




In 2019, we were rapt to set free 561 people in 127 families at a cost of $88,077. The average cost per person was $157USD, and the average time spent in slavery was 11 years. 24 families had spent over 20 years in slavery, and one family had been enslaved for 50 years at the kilns.  All these families were placed in work.

This year again saw significant growth in our impact – 103% above 2018. We were incredible blessed by both our NZ and our US donors who made this possible.

In 2019, we were deeply blessed to not only see the redemption of many families, but the healing as well! In October, the Anwar Masih family (pictured) was redeemed after three years in slavery. Anwar was no longer able to work because heart problems, and had difficulty walking even a few steps. The whole family was trapped in a helpless situation. We were so blessed to redeem them, and then pray for them and see Anwar completely healed! They were just one of many families that shone with joy on the day of their redemption.



We have been slowly growing our schools in Pakistan. Education is absolutely critical to our redemption program. Children who have grown up in slavery need vision, confidence, education and skills to take embrace a future of freedom and opportunity. During 2019, we started two new small schools, taking our total student numbers to 245 with 15 teachers. 


Aid Work

In 2019, we began our community development in installing pumps and wells in remote villages in Pakistan. Deep wells were dug at a cost of $350USD, providing water for a village of up to 100 people.

When we heard that heavy rains had washed out villages in Pakistan in August (including one of our Freeslaves schools), we wanted to help. We put out a request for help via facebook and thanks to several generous donations, we were able to supply 44 families with tents, 55 families with food packages and 19 families with water coolers. we were able to supply 44 families with tents, 55 families with food packages and 19 families with water coolers. 

We continued to give to money to people in desperate need for the basics including food and medical expenses. This is an area that our impact has been limited in due to the size of our team. We would love to grow and develop our aid work in 2020, especially as unexpected medical costs are the primary factor that forces people into slavery.

October Trip

In October 2019, we were incredibly privileged to travel to Pakistan for our “Freedom Fortnight” event. It was a rollercoaster ride to say the least. 

We had some incredible highlights, including our Freedom Celebration. We brought together over 400 people we had recently freed from slavery and had a great celebration. There was singing, sharing, prayer, food and celebrations! 

Only two days later we suffered the tragic loss of one of our young Pakistani team members, Timothy, who had helped to film the Freedom Celebration. Following his brain-hemmorage, we experinced the very same medical journey that leads people into slavery. 

We continued the trip, visiting poor communities, speaking at churches, visiting a kiln and experincing first-hand the conditions that so many families find themselves trapped in. Our eldest team member, Donald, described his time in Pakistan as the greatest privilege of his life. It was a time of humility, joy, sadness, vision, compassion and most of all love. None of us returned the same.

Refugee Work

In 2019, we continued our support a Pakistani refugee community of 15 families, spending $2431USD over the year. We had some amazing stories of overcoming in the face of incredible persecution and healing from incredible trauma. We are inspired by their resilience, and we hope again to increase our support in 2020.

Final Thanks

2019 was a rollercoster year of incredible victories, as well as some tragic losses. We were incredibly grateful to be a part of the redemption of 127 families, more than doubling our previous year. The October trip was an incredible highlight, and it was amazing to see children who were once slaves, completely free, alive and full of joy. The sight was transformational. 

It’s humbling to take a moment to reflect on the generosity of our supporters. The words THANK YOU barely seem to begin to express the gratitude of our team and all the families that have been set free this year. You’ve changed the world forever, for hundreds of people. You’ve given a new future to people who had no hope and could never dream of freedom. We are so thankful for your support, you confidence, your encouragement and love. For all our supporters, I would like to pray a blessing: 

May the God of Love lavish you with the incredible riches of His joy. May you experience more of His great love for you and find delight as His love flows through you! May you share His joy of redemption and live in the fullness of His passion, love and goodness. 

With all love in Christ,

Geoff Woodcock
NZ Freeslaves.org Project Director


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