Emmanuel (Asia Project Leader)

Emmanuel trains pastors and leaders throughout Asia in the Bible, discipleship and spiritual life. He lives with his wife and two children in South Asia. Despite offers to resettle his family in the West, Emmanuel has chosen to remain in his home country where the need is greatest. Emmanuel has seen hundreds of people come to Christ through his ministry and has personally set many families free from the bondage of slavery. He continually gives from his own resources to set people free, and invests all his time and energy in building and supporting the local church. You can email him directly at [email protected]




Emmanuel travels throughout his home country, often to the poorest, least reached parts. As God provides, Emmanuel also travels to other countries. Recent trips include going to Thailand to minister to refugees and to the Middle East to share with the foreign laborers in the labor camps. If you’d like to invest in Emmanuel and share the fruit of his labor, please contact us. Your support will enable him to travel to some of the more remote areas where the need for discipleship and ministry is incredibly urgent.

Leadership Training and Discipleship

Emmanuel is passionate about solid discipleship and leadership training. Ever believer has a ministry in the Body of Christ and every believer has a calling to maturity. Emmanuel organizes the discipleship training for many churches and oversees several leadership training programs. If you’d like to know more about discipleship in South Asia, please email him: [email protected] or connect via Facebook.

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