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Freeslaves Focus Updates

Freeslaves Focus #18

Hello Freeslaves family! We are delighted to give you a short update.

As you may know, for most of the families that we redeem, there is a process which begins with a member of our Freeslaves team visiting a brick kiln to identify a family that is trapped and suffering in a bonded labour slavery. Not everyone working in the brick kilns of Pakistan are indebted to the kiln owners through loans. Many people are employed there on daily wages and are free to come and go.

The Patras family is an example of a family that took a loan from a brick kiln three years ago to pay for medical treatment of their new born baby who had asthma. Knowing that this family have little chance of every repaying that loan, our team took their photo and uploaded their story to the Freeslaves website.

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Freeslaves Focus #17

This week we held our first Freeslaves Board meeting for 2023. Our Board is made up of five trustees and we meet four times a year to provide oversight, vision, and governance for the Freeslaves project. We have great respect for these highly gifted people who give up their time to invest in this project. It brings such confidence to the mission to have a Board that are united in heart and mind. We always look forward to these meetings and highly value the wisdom, discernment and encouragement that flows. Thank you to our amazing Board members, we honour you all.

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Freeslaves Focus #15

So far this year we have funded three health and nutrition camps in different areas. These camps are a partial step towards our vision to establish a full-time mobile medical unit that can operate out of a large van and travel to poor areas and brick kilns to provide free medical care. It only costs around $120 NZD or $70 USD to run one of these camps, providing free check-ups, medicines, deworming tablets, and supplements. The quality of life for these people who suffer from basic health conditions is dramatically improved as they receive treatment and education on how to look after their bodies. Thanks to our monthly donors who are making this possible!

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Freeslaves Focus #14

As always, we are excited to be beginning a new year and look forward to all that lies ahead. On our travels this summer, we’ve had many opportunities to share with groups and with individuals about the Freeslaves Project. People respond in a variety of ways. Some are deeply moved while others have no interest at all. I wonder what has drawn you to be connected with Freeslaves? For many people that we meet, we see a common thread which is a heartfelt compassion for those who are suffering. It’s a compassion that doesn’t start and stop with a feeling but leads to action. We are deeply grateful to all our donors who walk with us on this freedom mission!

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Freeslaves Focus #13

Hey Freeslaves Family! As you may know, we’ve been working hard over the last two months to redeem as many families as possible before Christmas. So far, we’ve set free 23 families (with a few more to come!) What could be better than the gift of freedom for Christmas? If you’re looking for a creative Christmas gift idea, consider redeeming a family! Take a look at and contribute to a current family or select the Next Family in Need.

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Freeslaves Focus #12

We would love to share with you this short video which we put together for “Giving Tuesday” in the US. For those that haven’t heard of it, Giving Tuesday is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the States and is promoted as a moment of global generosity to help unleash the power of people to transform their communities and the world. We would love to get more American sponsors on board with the Freeslaves project, so if you know anyone in the US, please feel free to forward this email to them. Invite them to experience the joy of this fight against slavery!

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Freeslaves Focus #11

This is the latest fresh water pump that Freeslaves has funded for a small rural village. The simple joy of being able to wash your hands or collect clean water for cooking is something that most of us take for granted. But for the families living in this area, it’s absolutely life changing if not life-saving! We consider it a privilege to be able to connect with this small communities and serve them in this way.

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Freeslaves Focus #10

There is a special joy in seeing children redeemed from a life of bonded labour slavery. Hopefully this little girl will have no memory of the four years that she has spent at the brick kilns (possibly her entire life so far) and can look forward to a bright future!

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Freeslaves Focus #9

This dear couple have spent 13 years working in the brick kilns. That’s what a heart operation can cost in Pakistan when you can’t afford the medical costs up front. A combined 26 years of labour for a debt of $450 USD. It’s a desperate situation in a broken system that we see over and over again. There are agencies advocating at a political level to raise awareness of the plight of people like Mr & Mrs Noor and campaigning for change but until there is a solution to world-wide slavery, we continue our mission of setting the captives free, one family at a time. We love Mr Noor’s gummy grin and rejoice that he and his wife now have a future that they can look forward to!

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Freeslaves Focus #8

Love coffee? Live in New Zealand? Enjoy redeeming slaves? So do we! So at Freeslaves we have teamed up with our favourite coffee crew and launched our own brand: Freeslaves Coffee. It has been roasted at the famous Mt Atkinson and is delivered to your door. All the profits go to the Freeslaves project. Try it out and enjoy the taste of freedom every morning!

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