Our Partners and Supporters

Our Partners

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the following organizations:

Alliance 8.7

Acacia Projects and Freeslaves.org is partner of Alliance 8.7–a global initiative combining over 200 agencies to eradicate forced labor and end modern slavery. 


The Biblehub.com is our valued advertising partner, helping us to promote the work of redeeming enslaved families and creating a future for those in bonded-labor slavery.

Carter, Reddy & Associates

Raahul Reddy has been helping the freeslaves.org project since 2017 with strategy, planning, organizational, and financial support.

School of Christ International 

Conner Shannon of the School of Christ International has been an amazing supporter since 2017. Through the School of Christ network, Conner has been able to set free almost two hundred people from slavery. We are deeply grateful for his love and perseverance in the project.

Brother Noah, All for Christ International

Noah was one of our first American supporters. He regularly visits Pakistan and his network often sets families free from slavery, helps with refugee support, and assists with seminars for spiritual growth in Pakistan.

Simply Synergy Ltd, NZ

Simply Synergy is an online asset maintenance company based in Blenheim, New Zealand. They were the first corporate supporter of the freeslaves.org project. We are grateful for their willingness to invest in setting people free.

Our Recognition

CloudFlare, Project Galileo

Freeslaves.org is proud to be a recipient of the Cloudflare Project Galileo program. This program gives freeslaves.org protection from cyberattacks. 

Google Ad Grants Program

Freeslaves.org is proud to be a recipient of the Google Ad Grants program. This program gives freeslaves.org a level of free advertising on the Google platform.

Want to Impact the World?

Please contact us if you would like to become a partner and promote the freeslaves.org work in your own network.

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