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Freeslaves.org is a project run by Acacia Projects (New Zealand charity #54139 – the NZ equivalent of a 501c3 entity). Our annual accounts are filed each June with the New Zealand Charities Commission.

Emmanuel  | Project Director – Pakistan

Emmanuel trains pastors and emerging leaders throughout Asia in the Bible, discipleship and spiritual life. He lives with his family in Pakistan and is relentless in his passion to set people free from the bondage of slavery and reintegrated in life. He continually gives from his own resources to set people free, and invests all his time and energy in building and supporting the local church. Learn more about Emmanuel or email him directly at [email protected]

Geoff  | Project Director – NZ

Geoff (pronounced Jeff) is a writer, speaker and Bible software designer. He manages the online aspects of the freeslaves.org project and works with a network of churches in Pakistan. His heart is to see all believers set free and empowered to love.

The full story of how the freeslaves project came into being can be found here. You can contact Geoff at [email protected]

The Acacia Project has an active and talented board that are passionate about the freeslaves.org project. Our board members are:

Geoff Kemp
Geoff is the Chair of Acacia Projects and is gifted in wisdom, leadership, and strategy. Geoff carries a servant’s heart and is currently the CEO of Cargill Enterprises in Dunedin, NZ.
Maria Kemp 
Maria is called to prayer and intercession and is a renowned artist in the Dunedin Community. Together, Geoff and Maria share a passion for the love of God and are deeply invested in the work of Acacia.
Nikki Miller
Nikki has a heart of deep compassion for the afflicted and oppressed, which drives her involvement with Acacia Projects. She supports the development of Acacia Media resources and is a constant source of inspiration as she serves those around her with a willing and generous heart.
Donna Nichol
Donna is gifted prophetically and has been valuable in confirming and developing the vision for Acacia. She was a founding supporter of the freeslaves.org project and continues to provide ongoing vision and energy to the project. She is a full-time teacher in Dunedin.

We currently employ ten redemption workers and 12 teachers in Pakistan. Our key workers are:

Emmanuel Acha
Emmanuel is the founder of freeslaves.org and is pouring his life into the vision to bring freedom, life and love to those in need. You can find out more about Emmanuel here.
Dilbar Masih
In 2017, Dilbar became a part of the freeslaves.org core team. He is deeply invested in helping enslaved people, and he oversees the freeslaves schools and much of our redemption work.
Shakeel Masih
In 2018, we took Shakeel on. He has a great heart and will make a big difference in easing the incredible workload that Emmanuel and Dilbar are now bearing.
Naomi Emmanuel
Naomi leads our teacher support and development. She manages our 12 teachers across seven schools, while also raising her two children with Emmanuel.
Kashif Ishak
Kashif Ishak runs our operations from Gujrunwala, and his wife teaches at our school there. Together they are invaluable to the freeslaves team.
Kashif Gill
Kashif Gill joined freeslaves.org in December 2018, and now runs our operations in Kasur.
Shahid also joined our operations in 2018 and runs our spiritual development program in Muridke.
Bashir runs our small group program and spiritual development in Karachi. He has a great love for God and heart for the people.
Arif is based in Sialkot has been associated with Freeslaves.org since 2014, when we set our first families free. He has now come on board as a full team member.
Faris runs his own ministry and partners with us to do our community development programs, installing wells in remote villages and establishing schools where children have no access to education.

The charity, Acacia Projects is currently run by volunteers. Our key workers are:

Geoff Woodcock
Geoff first founded the freeslaves.org project with Emmanuel, late in 2014. He runs Acacia Projects and invests his time across the different projects.
Mel Woodcock
Mel is responsible for the social media and digital content for freeslaves.org. She does an exceptional job of balancing the admin and logistics of the Acacia Projects while raising four children with Geoff.
Sonya Hill
In 2018, Sonya became a part of the freeslaves.org team in a part-time capacity. She is helping us with our planning and fundraising strategy.
Raahul Reddy Raahul has been involved with the freeslaves.org project since 2017 as an accountability partner and advisor. He has been instrumental in helping us to organize our work and put together an effective strategy for the future.

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