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“Whatever you did for one of the least of these…
you did for Me.”

Matthew 25:40

Thousands of Christians are currently enslaved in the brick kilns of South Asia. 

You have the power of redemption and the opportunity to love.

Help us to set the captives free.


When you can't afford to pay the medical costs of a loved one, what do you do?

In Pakistan, the poorest people take a loan from the brick-kiln owners and sign a contract to pay off the loan by working at the kiln. Quickly they find that they are unable to earn enough to cover their expenses and loan-interest. So they remain trapped, working 14 hours a day, seven days a week for the rest of their lives. Find out more about bonded-labor slavery.

people freed in 2023


Children of enslaved families rarely have access to education. The Freeslaves project runs seven schools in four towns and villages, educating enslaved and very poor children. There is no shortage of need, and it is an incredible gift for parents in slavery to see their children educated and given the hope of a future.

Want to help? The children at our schools would love your support! Please consider becoming a monthly donor for our schools.

students in education


Financial security is key to building a future and enabling families to stay out of slavery. Before we redeem a family, the Freeslaves team works with the families to find jobs and often we give them a grant to start their own business.

We have created or placed people in work in many different areas, including sewing and textiles, chicken-farming, vegetable selling, transportation, labouring, factories, industry, and market gardening.

families in work in 2023

Our Mission

Enslaved through tragedy. Redeemed by love.

Welcome Biblehub User! It’s a privilege to have you visit our site. We are avid Biblehub users and are thankful to be able to reach out to other Biblehub users on behalf of our enslaved brothers and sisters in Christ.

In Pakistan, the vast majority of those in bonded-labor slavery are Christian. When the poorest Christians have a medical emergency, they sell everything they have and when it’s not enough, they sell themselves. They take a loan from the brick-makers and agree to work at the kilns until the debt is paid. But interest and exploitation makes sure the debt is never paid. Whole families are then enslaved for generations. And the majority of these slaves are children. View the video to see what life is like for Christians trapped in slavery. 

We began after a time of worship. Late one night, I was worshiping Jesus. I stilled my heart and simply said: “Lord, I just want to be like Mary and wash your feet.” I did not expect a response, but He spoke clearly.

“If you want to wash my feet, then for you, the people of Pakistan are my feet.”

So we began. We now worship Jesus by ministering to some of the poorest Christians in the world. These are people who are enslaved, exploited, abused and killed. These are people that Jesus loves with a passion. We redeem families from slavery, give them work and accommodation, and we run schools to educate their children. We run discipleship groups to bring people into the reality of God’s design for their lives: one of wholehearted love for God and love for one another. This is our worship and I would love you to join us. 

Geoff Woodcock –

Calling for Freedom Heroes

Monthly Donors!

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Discover the Original Emphasis in Scripture

Few people know that the original Scriptures texts contain emphasis. In both Greek and Hebrew, words are put to the front of the sentence to give them focus. For example:

In this passage, the emphasis  is on loved, only begotten Son, and eternal. You’ll also notice a squiggle and a check mark. These represent Greek verb tenses. The squiggle means present tense: an ongoing, continual or habitual action or reality, in the present time. So God gave His Son, not just that we would have life in heaven in the future, but that we would have eternal life, right here and now, in our present time.



Discover the Meaning of Greek and Hebrew Words

If you have looked at the Greek and Hebrew word lexicon on Biblehub, you will have seen the HELPS WORD Studies. In John 3:16 above, if we click in (whoever believes in Him), we find the following HELPS Word study:

1519 eis (a preposition) – properly, into (unto) – literally, “motion into which” implying penetration (“unto,” “union”) to a particular purpose or result.

The Greek word eis literally means into and stands in contrast to the Greek word en which means in. Just as a river flows into the sea and the waters become one, the word eis conveys the idea of an active movement that results in a union. The sense of John 3:16 is that God has shown His limitless love for us by giving His only Son so that we might experience life right now by coming into unity with Jesus.

Now, you can read the emphasis in Scripture and appreciate the color that the verb tenses bring to a text without having to learn Hebrew and Greek! WIll you be an expert? No. Will you fall more in love with the Word of God? Almost certainly! Like us, we are sure you will find a new richness, beauty and joy in the word of God through the Discovery Bible. 


Our Gift to You!

The team behind the Discovery Bible have shown amazing love and support for the Freeslaves project, and they have given us 200 licenses for the full Discovery Bible software that we can give away FREE to our Freedom Heroes – those people who become monthly donors. The software includes:

  • All the emphasis in the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures
  • All the Greek and Hebrew verbs tenses, stems and aspects marked in an easy-to-use legend
  • The full HELPS Word Study Lexicon

This is currently retailing at $499USD, but if you’re quick you can get it for FREE. This is just one of the ways that we want to say Thank you to our supporters. We only have 200 licenses, so if you love the Bible and would like to take advantage of this offer, become a monthly donor of the freeslaves project!  As a one of our Freedom Heroes, your support will be used:

  1. to top up the redemption funds for specific families
  2. keep our schools going
  3. fund new businesses
  4. provide aid for people and families in need
  5. to do spiritual development, outreach and small group discipleship
  6. to help communities with water pumps etc.
  7. to cover the operational costs of our work

We invite you to discover the joy of redeeming enslaved Christians and the delight of discovering more of God’s truth.

May God bless you richly as you dive into the treasures of His word and the wonders of His love!


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Understanding Bonded-Labor Slavery

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