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Covid-19 in Pakistan

Pakistan is reeling from the impact of Covid-19 

One of the challenges in Pakistan is that millions of people live hand-to-mouth, so what they earn for the day feeds them for that day. There is no social welfare system and the government understands that a complete lockdown would likely lead to more deaths of starvation than of the virus itself. As a result, different areas are following different lockdown protocols, but in many areas, huge numbers of people have no work and no money to buy food. There have even been reports of some families trying to cook grass to eat.  


Over the course of the pandemic, all of our discretionary funds have been invested in supplying food to those in need, including our redeemed families. We are thankful that our Freeslaves team members have been allowed to travel for the purpose of distributing food and essential supplies. So far we have able to supply almost 1000 families with food and basic supplies. Below is a photos of some of our efforts so far.

If you would like to contribute to our Covid-19 response, we welcome your support!



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