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Enslaved family - Redeem Now!

This family is currently enslaved in the brick kilns of Pakistan. With just a little love, you can change their lives forever.


1. Connect
The team in Pakistan works with a network of local leaders to connect with enslaved families. We learn their stories and create a funding profile for each family.
2. Prepare
Arrangments are made to source work and accommodation for the family before they are redeemed.
3. Redeem
After funds are raised, the families are redeemed. The redemption document is signed by three different parties, ensure transparency and preventing fraud. We provide each family with enough food for a month.
4. Support
Each family is encouraged to connect with a local fellowship of believers for ongoing spiritual, emotional and practical support. The team also provides follow-up where possible.

Any questions? Please contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

Samson Masih (son of Allah Ditta Masih) Family

$515 of $510 raised

People: 05
Years enslaved: 10

Samson Masih (son of Allah Ditta Masih) Family

The Samson family have been in bonded labor slavery for the last 10 years after Mr Samson took a loan from brick kiln to pay for his first daughter to be born by C-section and then for his son as well.

Your support will enable this family to begin a new life of freedom and create a better future.


This family has now been set free! Thank you so much to our donors who made this dream of a new life possible!






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