Freedom House: Base of Operations

Freeslaves Offices | Medical Center | Emergency Housing | Training Facilities 


Thank you to all our supporters! We are thrilled to announce that we have now purchased this house for Freeslaves project. 


We have just completed the refit of the house which means that we are now functional! The Freeslaves offices are now being set up, and we have invited our extended Freeslaves team to a launch.

    Planned Use:

    • Freeslaves Offices
    • Freeslaves Medical center
    • Teacher Training
    • Counselling Facilities
    • Emergency Accommodation


    Freeslaves Offices

    Within this space, we can now  bring our team together to work on our redemption, education, empowerment and leadership programs. This building will give us the room we need to grow our team and increase our ability to redeem many more families.


    Medical Center

    Around 95% of the families we redeem became trapped in slavery because of medical debt. The Freeslaves project is preparing to launch our own mobile medical team that can help people access the care they need and avoid enslaving themselves. We can now use this building as a base for our medical team and even as a medical clinic.


    Teacher Training

    The main meeting area gives us more than enough space to bring together our our teachers for encouragement and professional development, as well as provide seminars for leadership training,


    Counselling Facilities

    Many of the families we redeem have suffered violence and abuse while at the kilns. We have discovered an effective counselling strategy to bring people into profound healing from trauma. This building allows us to take small groups of people through this process to find healing, and empower them to live in emotional and physical freedom.  


    Emergency Accommodation

    There are often times that we encounter enslaved families who are experiencing violent physical or sexual abuse. Instead of waiting until we can arrange accommodation and work for these families, this building allows us to immediately redeem these families and accommodate them. We can even take two families at a time, which gives us time to arrange work and permanent accomodation while they stay in our center.



    Thank You

    Thank you again to all our supporters. We are thrilled to begin this new chapter for the project. 

    If you have any questions, please let us know!



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