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Our Mission

Imagine working 14-18 hours a day, seven days a week, for the rest of your life.

In Pakistan, when the poorest people have a medical emergency, they sell everything they have. When that is not enough, they sell themselves. They take a loan from the brick-makers and agree to work at the kilns until the debt is paid. But interest and exploitation makes sure the debt is never paid. Whole families are then enslaved for generations. Children are born into slavery and then pass their parents’ debt on to their children. See first-hand accounts of slavery in the video below

But there is good news. It is incredibly easy to free a person from slavery. 


Enslaved through tragedy. Redeemed by love.

At, we pay the debts of bonded-labor slaves and restore them a life of freedom and economic security. We provide schools to educate enslaved children. We arrange jobs and provide grants for families to start their own businesses after they are set free. We then build strong communities, helping those in need with basic needs such as water pumps, food, and building materials. 

Why do we do it? is a faith-based organization. We believe that all people are designed for love, and that in order to truly love, people need to be free. So once we set a family free, we work to connect them in relationships with other people, so they can learn to give and receive love in community. This is our vision, not only for the slaves of Pakistan, but for everyone. We believe that people shine their brightest when they selflessly love. 

This is our labor of love and we’d like to invite you to join us. Now is your time to shine.

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Our Impact

people freed so far in 2019

students in education

families in work so far in 2019

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Become one of our first 100 Foundation Donors. is a small organization run by a passionate team with the highest integrity. We have a core team of only five people and a small but incredibly passionate donor-base of less than 100 donors. 

Our goal for Giving Tuesday is to engage 100 monthly donors. We see these people as our Founding Partners, people who invest in freedom and who are willing to launch us to free more of the countless enslaved families in Pakistan. We would be honored if you would join us and become a Founding Partner

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Understanding Bonded-Labor Slavery


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