Safdar Masih – 5 people – $1100USD

The Safdar Masih Family Story

Following a sickness, Safdar took a loan to pay for his medical treatment. He and his family have been in bonded labor for the last thirteen years.

The cost of their freedom in $1550(NZD) or $1100USD.



The Safdar Masih family is now free! Thanks to our supporters who made this possible! The Safdar family is now being settled into new accommodation and a new job.


Bonded-labor accounts for 75% of all slavery. People become enslaved when they are forced through poverty to take a loan from the brick-kiln owners. The vast majority of people we redeem take a loan to pay for medical costs of a loved-one. They sign a contract with the kiln-owners to work at the kiln until the debt is repaid. They are then exploited, paid a fraction of the agreed price (in many cases only 25c per hour) as the debt balloons with interest and additional fees. The workers are forced to work for 14 hours a day, seven days a week. There are no holidays. After the loan repayments are deducted from their wages they barely have enough to feed their families let alone pay for the education of their children. When they die, their children carry on to in slavery to repay their debt. They are mistreated, abused and robbed of their wages day after day. Most have given up hope, not knowing that there are people who want to help.

Now is your chance to help to end slavery for an entire family. Now is your chance to help a family to start a new life.

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