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Preventing Charity-based Fraud in Pakistan

Fraud is one of the sad realities of many charity projects in Pakistan. Here is some key info to make sure you don’t get scammed.

Family Data

Average loan debt per person:  25,126 PKR | $89USD

Average family size: 4.7 people

Average family loan: 118,100 | PKR $423 USD

Food for a family: $150-200 USD per month (depending on family size, less in rural areas)

Cost of rent per month: $100 USD (city) $50 USD (rural)

Cost of Hepatitis B/C treatment: $150 USD (12 week course)


Work Data

Minimum wage: 32,000PKR | $115 USD per month

Cost of sewing machine: $60-70 USD

Cost of tuktuk: $1000 USD

Cost of vegetable cart and stock: $200 USD

Cost of a cow: $1500 USD


Education Data

Wage for teacher: 35,000PKR | $125 USD per month

Class size: 30 students

Rental for buildings: $100-200 USD per month

Equipment & supplies: $100 USD per month


Community Development

Cost of Wells: $250-$400USD (depending on a variety of factors)


Auditing employs an auditor to verify all of its operations in Pakistan and ensure transparency, follow-up, and integrity.



Ask for audited or verified accounts.

Ask for receipts.



If you have any questions about what is reasonable for a charity to be requesting in Pakistan, please feel free to ask! 



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