The Freedom Kiln Project

building a future, brick by brick

The Opportunity

Our goal has always been to help families become financially independent once they are free. We have created or placed people in work in many different areas, including sewing and textiles, chicken-farming, vegetable selling, transportation, labouring, industry, and market gardening. With this success happening every week, it is now time to go to the next level!

Our challenge was to create a business that could sustain 100 families for work. We wanted an idea that would be easy to transition to for redeemed families, give them great conditions and income, as well as a sense of community. 

It was not long before we saw a fantastic opportunity… 


The Freedom Kiln!

Our goal is to create the FREEDOM KILN PROJECT. There are over 20,000 kilns in Pakistan, creating the main building blocks for the country and accounting for 1.5% of Pakistan’s GDP. WIth the pressure to move to enviromentally-friendly kilns, now is the ideal time to build a new kiln using the latest, cleanest technology. This project will: 

  • Be completely locally owned
  • Leverage the skills of redeemed families
  • Run as a cooperative
  • Generate a proft for the workers and for redeeming other enslaved families
  • Be completely self-sustaining!

We plan to run a school onsite as well as an adult training centre, so everyone can learn to read and write, and gain skills in other areas. The kiln would become the hub for a whole community of redeemed families, where people can live in dignity and joy (= swimming pool!).

The Plan: Kickstart the Future! 

Our plan is to raise the money through monthly donations. We only need 200 monthly donors to make this vision a reality. Our plan is: 

Phase One

  1. Partner with 200 monthly donors (our Freedom Heroes!)
  2. Put these monthly donations into a capital account for 12-14 months 
  3. Buy the land and build the kiln and school
  4. Start a massive wave of redemption: 100 families over three months.

Phase Two

  1. Set monthly donations aside for agricultural land
  2. Buy the agricultural land and employ more families
  3. Build the adult training centre and small business incubator 

Phase Three: Repeat! 


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Act Now!

With only 200 donors, we could create new Freedom Kiln every three years! Right now, we are not planning to take on more donors than we need. Now is your chance to become a Freedom Hero and change the world–not only for one family, but for hundreds!

Join us now! Donate above or contact us to learn more.


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