What We Believe

What We Do & Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission & Vision

Liberty for the Captives


FreeSlaves.org is a grassroots organization that seeks to bring freedom to families trapped in bonded-labour slavery and to empower them to begin a new life in community.  

Our vision is to restore people into God’s design of love, freedom, and supreme value. 

What We Do

Our five areas

Redemption – Economic Empowerment – Education – Community Building – Spiritual Development

How we do it

We work with international and local team members to:

  1. identify families in bonded-labour situations,
  2. arrange redemption funds, accommodation and employment to begin a new life,
  3. manage family redemption via local partners to ensure a safe transition,
  4. build strong, healthy, loving communities,
  5. connect freed families to these communities for love, support and relationship,
  6. provide education for children to help create new life opportunities,
  7. support Christian communities and fellowships to live in their design of love.


Our work is currently focused on Pakistan, with a view to extending our operations throughout Asia.  

Why we do it

At Freeslaves.org we believe that God has designed people for love. And in order for love to be real, it must be free. We redeem enslaved people as an act of our love, and to help them discover their design of love. 

Our Beliefs & Values


We believe that Jesus is the Word who is both with God and is God.

We believe that the Scriptures are true and that Jesus became a man, lived among us, and then died upon the cross to take away our sin and give us victory over our sin and selfishness. We believe He was raised to life on the third day and that He ascended into heaven and is returning in glory and power.

We believe that Jesus died not only to get us into heaven, but to restore us into our design of love. We believe that anyone can receive God’s forgiveness, be filled with His Spirit, and enter into a life of love through God’s grace. Because grace is a gift, we can only receive grace through faith–the simple confidence of the heart that accepts the blessings of God without trying to earn them.

We believe that faith is primarily expressed not by what we believe, but by our love for one another.  



“A new command I give to you, that you love one another.”  – John 13:35

Is it possible to follow Jesus and not obey this call of love?   

The command to love is not just a suggestion or religious instruction; it is the reason for our creation. God’s whole design for life is summed up the first commands: to love God with our entire being and love one another. Love is more than a philiosophy, it is life itself. We have a vision for all Christains everywhere to become defined by the love of God. 


Love is the perfect bond of unity. When we love one another, we will naturally be united with others who have the same heart to love. It is this common focus on love that allows us to connect with diverse people, who hold diverse beliefs and still find a unity of heart and soul.


We believe in interpreting the Bible through the commands that every word depends on: loving God and loving others. But we recongise that the Bible supports a host of diverse views on different subjects within the framework of love. We believe in giving people freedom in “non-essentials”, not letting differing opinions or theological views create division or distract from our call to love. 

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