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Who Are We? is a project by Acacia Projects, a New-Zealand based charity, #CC54139. Our NZ workers are volunteers, and we employ a small team in Pakistan of three core workers and eight teachers. Our accounts are audited and filed with the New Zealand Charities Commission annually.

For more background on how we got started in this work, click here.

Our vision is to restore people into a life of love, freedom, and joy. is a grassroots organization that seeks to bring freedom to families trapped in bonded-labor slavery and to empower them to begin a new life in community.  Our work is currently focused on Pakistan, though we may spread in other parts of the world.  

Redemption – Economic Empowerment – Education – Community Building – Spiritual Development

We work with international and local team members to:

  1. identify families in bonded-labor situations,
  2. arrange redemption funds, accommodation and employment to begin a new life,
  3. manage family redemption via local partners to ensure a safe transition,
  4. build strong, healthy, loving communities,
  5. connect freed families to these communities for love, support and relationship,
  6. provide education for children to help create new life opportunities,
  7. support Christian communities and fellowships to live in their design of love.

Within all people is a natural desire to see living creatures live as they were designed. Just as animals are not designed to live in cages, so humans are not designed to live in slavery. At we believe that God has designed people for love and for love to be real, it must be free. It is that simple.

We would love you to join our growing network of donors, partner organizations and volunteers, as we change the world, one family at a time.


At, we redeem enslaved families by paying the debt they owe to the kiln owners. The average cost to free a person is $220. We arrange accommodation and work, and we provide the family with food and finance to get started in their new life. This process of redemption ensures a fresh and safe start to life for our families, free from the stress of bonded debt and the fear of retaliation. This is ALL possible because of people like you. Even small donations add up to make a big difference. Please join us and experience the joy of setting a family free.


Children of enslaved families rarely have access to an education. Many are born in the kilns and know of no other world than the clay and bricks of the kiln. As part of our support for bonded-labor families, we run five schools in four towns and villages, educating enslaved or very poor children. There is no shortage of need, and it is an incredible gift for parents in slavery to see their children educated and given the hope of a future.

Want to help? Get in on the action and sponsor some education. We need people like you to help to keep this going! Even small monthly donations combine to make a big difference.

Economic Empowerment

Before we set a family free, the Freeslaves team works with local communities to find jobs for enslaved families. If we cannot source a job then we give families a grant to start their own business. The average grant is around $300. We have created or placed people in work in many different areas, including sewing and textiles, chicken-farming, vegetable selling, transportation, labouring, factories, industry, and market gardening.

Spiritual Development is a faith-based charity. While we do not limit our work to enslaved Christians, the reality is that the vast majority of slaves in Pakistan are Christian. As part of our work with Christian families, we aim to help people to discover their God-given design and devote their lives to love. Emmanuel (our project leader in Pakistan) and other leaders work towards this goal, training and equipping believers. This training happens on every level, from focused small groups, to larger training seminars and open meetings.

We also fund the translation and production of Bible study materials in Urdu, with a focus on empowering people to discover the love of God and learn from Him directly.

Community Development

Being a faith-based organization, we have to express love at every level. A key expression of love is building strong communities. It is not enough to bring freedom. It is not enough to bring education. We need to bring love and actively empower others to love. Love meets need, which means that often we pay for the medical care of the sick. Sometimes we provide food and financial assistance for widows and the vulnerable. Sometimes we help students by paying for higher education. At other times, our love is expressed simply by providing clean, accessible water to serve entire villages.


Connect with us through our Facebook page and find out all the latest news from If you aren’t able to help financially, consider sharing a Facebook post. It could help a family to get free sooner. Please connect with us and share the word!

Freedom for Captives

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