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Liberty for the Captives

In Pakistan, most Christians live in poverty. When a loved-one falls ill, families sell everything they have to pay for their medical care. When that is not enough, they take a loan from the brick kiln owners and sign a contract to work until the debt is repaid. They are then exploited, paid a fraction of the agreed price (often as little as 25c per hour) as the debt balloons with interest and fees. The workers are forced to work for 14 hours a day, seven days a week, for the rest of their lives. When they die, their children inherit their debt and are forced to remain in slavery. These people are mistreated, abused and robbed of their wages day after day. Most have given up hope, not knowing that there are people like you who want to help.

Now is your chance to help to end slavery for an entire family. Now is your chance to help a family to start a new life by providing food, accommodation and work. Please consider helping these families listed below.

The Rehmat brothers, set free with their family by

See some of the families that we have set free in the past.


The following families are all currently living as bonded laborers at the brick kilns. 

At, we redeem these families by paying the debt they owe to the kiln owners. We work with the families to arrange accommodation and work, and we provide the family with enough finance to get started in their new life. This process of redemption ensures a fresh and safe start to life for our families, free from the stress of bonded debt and the fear of retaliation. This is ALL possible because of people like you. Even small donations add up to make a big difference. Please join us and experience the joy of setting a family free.


NOTE: Please press F5 to see the latest funding figures for each family thanks! 

The Redemption Process

1. Connect

The team in Pakistan works with around 40 leaders in local churches to connect with enslaved families. We learn their stories and create a funding profile for each family.

2. Prepare

Arrangements are made to source work and accommodation for the family before they are redeemed.

3. Redeem

After funds are raised, the families are redeemed. The redemption document is signed by three different parties, ensuring transparency and integrity. We provide each family with enough food for a month.

4. Support

Each family is encouraged to connect with a local fellowship of believers for ongoing spiritual, emotional and practical support. The team also provides follow-up where possible. 

Connecting a sponsor family with the Amant family on the day of redemption

Understanding Bonded-Labor Slavery

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